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The Free Pharmacy project is a unique and ground-breaking initiative worldwide, providing donated medicine to patients throughout the country free of charge.

Our 'Free Pharmacy' supplies over 3,500 people every month with free medication, medical equipment and supplements every month. People that without our help are forced to choose between food – and medicine. These painkilling and life-saving medication is sometmes the difference between life and death for many of them.

The pharmacy is under the regulatory supervision of the Ministry of Health and is managed by Mr. Eli Srebrnik, head pharmacist. View here for Head Pharmacist Permit and Pharmacy Business Permit.

Haverim enjoys the support of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel and abroad. Our partners provide support in several ways: by donating close-to-expiration medicine, by providing 'compassion care' medicine provided for free, by underwriting the cost of treatments, and more

We appeal to every official body that answers the criteria of the Pharmacists Law, per Clause 47b, to contact us. We welcome medical equipment and medical food, either surplus or with imminent expiry dates.

The pharmacy staff handles medicine distribution to patients who cannot afford them, according to pre-determined and strict procedures and criteria.

The pharmacy is active from Sunday through Wednesday, from 9AM to 3PM, and on Thursday from noon to 6PM.

Tele. 03-5792220, 073-2198821
Fax: 073-2198819
Email: [email protected]