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Thank you letters;
A sample of the dozens received...
(Names were sometimes omitted to preserve confidentiality).

Dear Haverim,

My younger brother, my best friend, Amit, is no longer with us.
In spirit, he vanquished the disease, but his body couldn't fight any more.

In the name of my friend who has passed, I wante dto ask the hundreds and thousands that called, encouraged our spirits, and donated medication and funds.
I remember the mail i snet you and how my request for medication immediately spurred you to action. I wrote the mail because Amit had just told me: I'm going to have to seell the house to pay for the meds and the treatments."

I knew that my 'via dolorosa' begins now and decided that I will get him those meds, no matter what. Amit received the first dose of medication from 'Haverim', an organization of angels walking amongst us. People that serve as 'go-betweens' people who desperately need expensive meds - and people who no longer need them. They were the first light in a very long, dark tunnel in which Amit - and his family -  began to exist. 

When Amit left us, we too donated his meds to others; to people that every additional minute, hour, day in their lives is unbelievably precious. We know that Amit helped 6 other patients.

Thanks to Haverim, I got to know a world where people cling with everything they have to life. This wonderful organization helped us when the worst happened. I appeal to you to donate time, money - what you can. Open your hearts to help an organization that gives hope, help and support to so many sick people.

Amit would have thanked you too.

Doron, Tel-Aviv


Dear 'Friends for Health',

One month ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. My doctor, Prof. Aderka, recommended a drug called Xeloda, which is not included in the health basket. It's cost: 3,000 NIS per month.

Only thanks to your tireless efforts on my behalf can I now report that I am taking the drug and look forward with optimism.

It warms my heart to know that people like you are there to help in the darkest of hours.

Yishar Koachr and may you be blessed for all you are doing,

The Zinman family.

Dear Haverim,

On behalf of my father-in-law, Max and our entire family, I would like to thank you for finding us the cancer medication that helped Max overcome the disease.

I hope and pray that you have the means, strength and generosity to continue your amazing good deeds.

With God's will, in the future we will no longer need your services!

God bless you all,

R. Caspi  

Dear friends,

When my wife was hospitalized at the Sheba Medical Center, her doctors recommended she receive a medication called Zomera. On the day that our HMO refused our request, we appealed to Friends for Health. Two hours later you called us to tell us that the medication is available for us at your offices.

I wanted to thank you for the quick and efficient way you handled our request. And for the sensitivity you showed to my wife and her needs. 

Words cannot describe the relief you have brought my wife and our family.

Most respectfully yours,

D. Naamad  

Dear Friends for Health,

A short while ago, my wife needs medicine for chemotherapy,medicine that wasn't covered by our HMO. We appealed to you and the next day, after receiving a faxed prescription, you introduced us to a donor that donated all the medication he had.
For you this is just another, normal day's work. For us you were a ray of light in a very dark time.
Bless you for this.
Chazak Ve'ematz.
The Ben-Hemo familly



To the news desk of 'Yediot Aharonot',

I would like to bring to the attention of your newspaper, the important work that 'Friends from Health', a non-profit based in Bnei-Brak has been doing. They have done way beyond their duty in finding us the hugely expensive medication we needed, by putting us in contact with people who no longer need theirs. I cannot even begin to tell you the emotional and financial relief they provided us.

The medications given were for my father and God-willing he will recover, as will all Am Israel and our soldiers.

N. Nairner


From: Tel-Aviv Municipality, Social Services

To: Friends for Health

Dear Sirs,

We would like to extend our sincere thanks in your generous donation to the needy families in our care. The medications you have donated not only improved their medical conditions, but also their spirits.

We would like to give a special mention to Rabbi Yechial Landman (z"l). It warms our hearts to know that even in crazy days, we can rely on generous people like yourselves.

Yishar Koach and may more and more people join your ranks.

Sincerely yours,
Luta Weinter, Social Worker