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French Zionism

A new project, entitled 'Yeladim L'Refuah' (Kids4Health) was launched in 2018 and continues the successful partnership between the French Fondation Pharmadom, and Haverim L'Refuah. 

The project focuses on children who suffer from severe chronic illnesses and children with special needs. Its main components are:

  • Redistribution of medications: supply children with packages of free medicines.
  • Exercise of Rights: helping families that struggle with medical bureaucracy, to exercise their rights to obtain medicines and medical care. The project will engage volunteers, primarily lawyers and retired judges, who will assist the children’s families obtain their full rights from the Health Maintenance Organization and the Ministry of Health.
  • Special events for children and young adults with special needs, providing respite from their hardships and a glimpse of hope for their families.

The project was launched in May 2018, during a joint activity in Kfar Kedem in 

the Galilee. The wonderful volunteers from Pharmadom warmly welcomed the Haverim children, played with them and assisted them in the unique activities of the site. Together they dressed like ancient Hebrews, made bread, rode donkeys and learned how to milk goats.

It was a fun-fillled and satisfying day for children and adults alike!